‘Best’ time to water garden plants during a heatwave – and it’s not the morning

Gardening: Francis Tophill advises on watering plants without a hose

The experts at Phostrogen explained how every plant is made up of 80 percent water, with its only means of drawing up water through the roots.

This means proper watering is essential throughout the year, but especially during the summer when they need lots of hydration.

The experts explained: “An error often made by gardeners is watering too frequently, as this means the plant isn’t encouraged to develop its own root system and search for water at a deep level, becoming dependent on the surface water provided instead.”

Every plant has different watering needs and should be considered when watering the garden.

The type of soil is also a very important factor in how often gardeners should water their plants.

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The experts said: “Depending on the texture of your soil and whether it is compacted or not, it will have a greater or lesser ability to hold water, which seeps down to the roots.

“There are four main types of soil to consider, so begin by identifying which type of soil you have. If your soil is sandy, water is often and a little at a time, as it can’t hold a lot of water.

“Generally speaking, if it is more clay-like, you can freely water with large quantities of water, but less often.”

During the spring and autumn months, the experts recommended watering plants during the morning.

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However, due to the unexpected weather the UK is experiencing, Britons should continue watering in the evening, as this is recommended throughout the summer and during hot weather.

The experts added: “In spring and autumn, water early in the morning, but in the summer, it can be best to wait until the evening as watering during full sun can burn the plants.”

When watering in the evening, there is less chance of evaporation, which means the plant will actually receive all of the water given to it.

Make sure to direct the water towards the roots with a watering can, avoiding the leaves which encourages diseases.

The experts added: “Think about where your plants are positioned. South facing plants are likely to need more water as the direct sun will dry out soil quickly, and remember that some plants and vegetables prefer more water than others.

“For example, tomatoes and roses are thirsty and require lots of watering, whereas plants such as lavender and poppies and vegetables like asparagus do not, every plant is different.”

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