I was stunned when my neighbour stole our delivery & tried to sell it back to us – they even gave us a signed confession | The Sun

THERE’S nothing more aggravating than when a parcel you’re desperately waiting on is delivered to your neighbour without your approval. 

But for one business owner, this became even more of a nightmare when their neighbour received their package – only to unashamedly try and sell it back to them. 

A Reddit user with the handle @BigMacDaddy99 shared the story on the website, asking people for advice on what to do. 

In the caption, the baffled user explained that his neighbour took delivery of a package containing some landscaping roll that he had ordered for his company – and went on to use it.

He then shared a bizarre note that he’d received requesting that he “pay for the scraps”. 

The pictured letter read: “Hi! I’m Sam, I live down the street. 

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“A few weeks ago, we got some landscaping fabric delivered to us by accident.” 

The audacious author added: “We have one roll left, if you are interested in buying it.”

“We are selling it but if you wanted to trade something for it we could work something out.

“Text me if you’re interested.” 

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As if to add insult to injury, the cheeky chancer signed the note with their number, followed by a smiley face. 

The perturbed business owner posted the story on Reddit, calling the thread “mildly infuriating”. 

And users couldn’t believe the absolute cheek of the neighbour, with many suggesting that he should take the note to the police. 

“Ooh look, a signed confession,” one user advised. 

“Every day I’m shocked by how stupid people are,” another replied. 

Another questioned the name of the thread, writing: “Mildly infuriating, or actually criminal?”

Other users weighed in that given the package was delivered to the neighbour in the first place, they weren’t sure the rightful owner would be able to declare anything back. 

If a similar thing happens to you, your best bet is to alert both the seller and the delivery company. 

And if you’re concerned about it happening, never select the “leave with neighbour” option when checking out. 

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That way you’re definitely covered, and should always be able to get your money back if any light-fingered fellows get their mitts on your goods. 

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