Autumn plants to to sow now to brighten up your garden for spring

Autumn gardening tips

Summer will officially end this week on September 23, meaning many plants will be going dormant, blossoming flowers will begin to wilt and all the tree greenery will fade. 

However, autumn does not mean gardeners have to lay bare for the rest of the year, as the soil in autumn is still warm enough for germination that if certain vegetables are planted now they will be protected in the colder weather. 

The colder temperatures approaching also mean gardeners will have to water their plants less, as the rain at this time of year keeps the soil moist. 

Most vegetables planted now will not be available for eating until spring, but it will help keep gardens thriving during the gloomiest time of the year and will give gardeners a head start for getting ready for spring gardening next year. 

Noah Toung, a farmer, has warned that “gardening is not over” at the moment and in a video online explained there are many foods which you can still be sowed right now.

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Leafy green vegetables are the easiest thing to grow in autumn because of their ability to survive in cold winter weather. It also matures quickly, around 40 to 55 days from planting, which means you can have crisp autumn salad freshly picked from the garden. 

Noah said: “This one should be a no-brainer, lettuce. Lettuce grows a lot better in cooler weather and you don’t have to worry about as many seeds in the fall.” 


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Broccoli is very easy to grow in autumn as it is a cool-season crop which does not thrive in extremely hot weather. Noah explained: “Certain varieties of broccoli mature in 55 days and can handle a frost.” 

It is important to protect broccoli from slugs, white caterpillars and pigeons as this time of year can make them very vulnerable, but if you keep them securely netted you will be able to harvest your broccoli in the spring.


Carrots are very straightforward to grow and will not take up a lot of space in a garden, plus are a highly popular vegetable that can be harvested almost all year round with the right care.  They will grow best if planted in soil with good drainage which has plenty of access to the sun. 

Noah said: “Carrots are such a cool crop that if you plant them in the fall they will survive the winter and you can harvest them next spring.

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Garlic simply needs weeds to be kept away from it and watered occasionally in order to grow in a garden. It is an incredibly useful ingredient to have tucked away in your kitchen and can last for a long time once harvested. If planted now it will be one of the first vegetables to begin growing in spring. 

Noah said: “We plant garlic in the fall, cover it and protect it during the winter and in spring we will have beautiful heads of garlic.”


Beets mature under cool soil conditions and can be harvested before spring if planted around eight to ten weeks before the first winter frost, so you can enjoys them almost all year around. They will add a splash of colour to your garden and are resilient plants that are rarely bothered by pests. 

Noah said: “Beets, turnips and radishes grow so quickly that if you plant them now you can still harvest them as a crop this fall.”  

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