Nadia Sawalha health scare: The Loose Women panellist’s ‘throbbing’ chest pain

Wanting to keep fit, mentally and physically, Nadia Sawalha engaged with what’s considered a heart healthy activity – exercise. Yet, the video she shared with her fans was alarming.

Uploading to the social media network Instagram, Nadia was visibly out of breath.

Pressing her hand onto her chest, she said: “Oh my god, I feel weird. I’ve hardly come up a hill and I’m throbbing.”

Her friend is heard in the video, asking if it could be due to the caffeine she’s had.

“I don’t know,” was the reply. Nadia continued: “I don’t feel right, I just feel so out of breath.”

Bravely sharing her health concern to her fans, she captioned the video: “I seriously need to do something about my health!! This really scared me.”

Fans were quick to express their sympathies, with one highlighting Nadia’s previous revelations of anxiety.

The fan wrote: “Looks and sounds to me like you were focusing on your heart rate too much and overthinking, having bit of anxiety attack xxx hugs xxx [sic].”

The TV star, who propelled to fame starring as Annie Palmer in BBC One’s EastEnders, has openly spoken about her anxiety.

In September 2019, Nadia explained on her Instagram Stories: “I woke up just so anxious and stressed about everything.”

The 55-year-old ruminated: “I then feel guilty, because I think, “My God, look at your bloody life.

“‘What do you feel stressed about? What do you feel anxious about?'”


Anxiety is recognised as a mental health condition when it impacts your daily life, explains the charity Mind.

It’s normal to experience anxiety from time to time, especially when coping with stressful events or life changes.

Mind identifies six ways to tell whether or not your anxiety has become an issue.

The first question is: are your feelings of anxiety very strong, or last a long time?

Are your fears or worries out of proportion to the situation? Do you avoid situations that may cause you to feel anxious?

Would you consider your worries very distressing or hard to control? And is going about your everyday life a challenge?

The last question to ask yourself is: do you regularly experience symptoms of anxiety, which could include panic attacks?

Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety can feel different for everybody, but there are certain effects it can have on your body.

For example, you may feel a churning feeling in your stomach, feelings of nausea or a fast, thumping or irregular heartbeat.

Perhaps you’d feel hot flushes, or experience difficulty sleeping – you may grind your teeth at night.

The mind may feel tense, nervous or unable to relax, and you may think a lot about bad experiences.

Nadia will appear in the latest episode of The Chase Celebs, on Saturday August 15 at 5.30pm.

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