Men warned marathons could age them in new study – Dr Nighat offers important advice

Dr Nighat discusses the long term impact of endurance running

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The study shares that males over the age of 40 could be risking their cardiovascular health when taking part in endurance exercises. This could be putting them at a greater risk of medical emergencies, including heart attacks and strokes.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Dr Nighat said: “I shouldn’t laugh but this made me giggle.

“We always say exercise is great but we have to look at this study very carefully.

“This study is done on endurance exercises.”

According to the American Heart Association, this category includes the likes of running, dancing and biking.

The doctor continued: “If you’ve done 10 or more endurance events that could contribute, in men particularly over the age of 40, to their arteries stiffening a little bit.

“This is not something we have expected before, we don’t know why.

“I think this is ripe for further research.”

The study, funded by the British Heart Foundation and Cardiac Risk in the Young, looked at those aged over 40 that had taken part in at least 10 events, including marathons, ironman triathlons and cycling events.

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