Woman's Peppa Pig pancake fail leaves people in hysterics

How was your Pancake Day? Did you opt for a new recipe or stick with an old favourite?

One woman who wanted to try something new popped down to her local Asda where she picked up a Peppa Pig pan.

The ambitious cook used the frying pan – which has an outline of the children’s beloved TV character – to make the pancake.

She started strong, using a bottle to squeeze out the batter and create Peppa’s outline.

Then, she waited to fill in the rest of the other areas with the batter.

While the pancake image has some resemblance to Peppa at first, it soon starts to become unrecognisable.

The cook was then left with a pancake that neither looks like a pancake nor Peppa Pig, though the ears seemed pretty on point.

She shared the results on TikTok, where viewers found the whole thing hilarious.

The TikTokker captioned the video with: ‘Well, that didn’t go as well as I thought it would’, accompanying the clip with a distorted Peppa Pig theme tune.

The video has now been watched more than 900,000 times.

Viewers were left in stitches, saying: ‘THIS IS SENDING ME!’ and: ‘I SCREAMED’.

Others joked that the finished product looked like stuff made out of nightmares.

One quipped: ‘Looks like my sleep paralysis demon.’

A few recommended using a different batter, possibly an American recipe for optimum results.

Better luck next time.

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