Trader Joe's New Hard Lemonade Is the Drink You'll Want to Bring to Every Summer BBQ

My Trader Joe’s shopping list doesn’t normally include alcohol, but I might have to update it next time because the retailer is now selling “Lemon Peal” Hard Lemonade, and I have a feeling it’s going to be my new Summer go-to. The sweet and sour fizzy drink has a malt base mixed with fresh lemon juice, cane sugar, and a hint of citric acid to bring out all of its citrusy flavors.

The drink is named “Lemon Peal,” rather than “Lemon Peel,” as a reference to the store’s use of bells in place of a PA system — because “peal” refers to “a loud ringing of a bell,” as the store points out on its website. The hard lemonade is sold in 12-ounce cans for $8 per six-pack and each can has a 5.7 percent ABV. But they’re only available while supplies last this Summer, so swing by your local Trader Joe’s ASAP and check out the citrusy drink ahead.

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