Pizza Hut Creates a Pizza Box With an Integrated Foosball Table

Pizza Hut along with Ogilvy Hong Kong has just launched its “12th Player Club.” Tied to the current soccer season in Europe underway, the campaign reminds fans watching at home that pizza is the best food to eat while supporting their teams in isolation.

The campaign also sees a special foosball pizza box that integrates a mini foosball table into the lid of the pizza box — a fun little accouterment to play with in between commercials. Wendy Leung, Marketing Director of Pizza Hut Hong Kong explains: “The Pizza Hut Foosball Pizza Box was a great opportunity to remind football fans that pizza goes best with their football. We always want to go above and beyond when catering to our audience and given how fatigued the community has been this year, offering fun beyond just food, and bringing an experience like this to life, right in your pizza box, is the perfect way to make people smile.”

There are currently five boxes up for grabs from now until October 20. Those interested will need to join Pizza Hut Hong Kong’s 12th Player Club for more details.

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