Nissin Releases an Emergency Cup Noodle Survival Kit

Nissin has just released an emergency instant ramen subscription service. Ideal during natural disasters due to the long self-life of instant noodles, the Cup Noodle Rolling Stock service sees packaging that can be converted into a chair or backpack, and stores nine Cup Noodle flavors.

The pack also includes a gas stove, fuel, a pot, a solar lamp, gloves, plastic forks, and three liters of water. You can continue to stockpile your emergency rations or eat them as they come, as a fresh batch will be delivered every three months as part of this service.

There a total of 13 varieties to choose from including instant rice/udon options. The starter kit can be found now over at Nissin’s website for ¥13,000 JPY (approximately $122 USD) with each additional refill coming in at ¥2,000 JPY (approximately $19 USD).

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