Mum shares shopping list and meal plan which feeds her family for £2 a day

We’re all about making our money and our food last a little longer – especially in the current uncertain economic climate.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, a thrifty mum has posted her Tesco shopping list and meal plan which feeds her family for just £15 a week.

The woman has shared a list of 23 food items which make breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for herself, her partner and her kids – for just £2 a day.

She now hopes her handy list can help other people out – and stresses that while her meal plan is a bit repetitive, it’s better than no food at all.

Posting in the Feeding Yourself for £1 A Day Facebook group, she commented: ‘I hope this helps others out there in financial hardship. It absolutely breaks me to think that in today’s society children are still going hungry.

‘It may be quite repetitive (especially breakfast). But any meal is better than no meal.’

For breakfast, the mum suggests having porridge or toast every morning to keep the cost down.

As for lunch, she says sandwiches, soup or eggs are great options and meals with potatoes and pasta are good for dinners. There’s also room for snacks like fruit, yoghurt and packets of crisps.

For anyone looking to give the thrifty meal plan a go, here’s a breakdown of her grocery list, which comes to £14.94 in total: 

  • Whole chicken – £2.52
  • 6 eggs – 70p
  • 12 pork sausages – £1.20
  • Porridge oats – 75p
  • Cream crackers – 40p
  • 4 baking potatoes – 41p
  • Long grain rice – 45p
  • Curry sauce – 28p
  • Penne pasta – 29p
  • Tomato and herb pasta sauce – 28p
  • Root vegetable medley – £1
  • Can of baked beans – 23p
  • 6 bananas – 64p
  • 12 strawberry yogurts – 73p
  • Apple and blackcurrant squash – 43p
  • 6 bags of crisps – 65p
  • Tin of tomato soup – 45p
  • Tin of chicken soup – 24p
  • Strawberry jam – 28p
  • Two tins of tuna – £1.20
  • Cheddar cheese – £1.60
  • Wholemeal bread – 36p
  • Milk chocolate bar – 30p

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