Morrisons launches vegan food box for £35

Over the past few months, Morrisons has become the King of Food Boxes, as we’d like to call it.

From a ‘Ramadan essentials’ special to a huge 11kg fruit and veg option, and even a BBQ box, the supermarket chain is all about supplying what you need in bulk and in a box during lockdown.

Please welcome the latest edition to the range: the ‘vegan essentials’ box.

Free from any animal-derived products, it contains 23 items in total, weighing in at just under 15kg.

One box, priced at £35, will feed two people for a week, with products including meat-free mince, dairy-free cheese and almond milk, as well as a range of fresh fruit and vegetables.

There are no restrictions on who can buy the box, so if you’re not vegan but keen to give it a go, you can.

Inside, you’ll find products suitable for making dishes such as vegan pasta bolognese, rainbow salad bowls, vegan sausage sandwiches and more.

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