McDonald's drops new truffle mayo chicken burger – the Crispy McFillet

Yes, you read that right – a crispy, truffle mayo chicken burger is coming to McDonald’s.

The Crispy McFillet is comprised of 100% chicken breast in a sourdough-style sesame bun.

It’s topped with iceberg lettuce and peppery mayo with a hint of truffle – and it’s as tasty as it sounds.

You’ll be able to get your hands on it for £5.59, but don’t rejoice just yet.

The fast-food giant will be dropping the new burger for a limited time only – with exact details yet to be revealed.

Not only that, but it will only be sold in 41 restaurants across the Midlands during this trial period.

Afia Sirkhot, who owns and operates seven restaurants in the Midlands, said: ‘I’m honoured to be among the first restaurants in the UK & Ireland to offer the Crispy McFillet trial to our amazing customers. 

‘There is such a fantastic culture here in Birmingham, especially in our young people, so it feels like the perfect audience to taste test this new era for McDonald’s chicken.

‘After trying the burger myself, I’m confident everyone will love the new Crispy McFillet as much as my team and I do.’

Who knows – maybe if sales rocket, it’ll be available in more branches.

After all, few things can boost demand like scarcity.

But for now, the Crispy McFillet’s fate is uncertain.

Michelle Graham-Clare, chief marketing officer at McDonald’s UK & Ireland, said: ‘We know how much our customers love our iconic chicken menu items, so we’ve taken our time to get the Crispy McFillet packed with flavour, to really satisfy our customers.

‘We really believe this newest addition to our menu is the tastiest chicken burger in the UK and Ireland and we cannot wait to hear what our customers in the Midlands think of it.’

We were among the first in the nation to try the burger.

Here’s what we thought…

Our verdict on the Crispy McFillet:

The whole thing is very moreish! The hint of truffle in the mayo works hard, and that work pays off.

But where the Chicken Big Mac rested on that classic sauce, the crispy chicken in the McFillet brings its own crunch and a little hint of spice to the table.

Overall, the taste doesn’t bang you in the face, but it’s very pleasant.


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