Is Kris Jenner doing it right? Expert mixologist shares his martini recipe

Ever wondered what cocktail Kris Jenner is sipping when she unwinds after another day of being a multi-millionaire mom-ager?

According to a new TikTok video filmed with her youngest daughter, Kylie, the 66-year-old is partial to a dirty martini.

If you want to drink like a Jenner, you’ll need an ice shaker, Belvedere Vodka and two olives – shaken not stirred.

But if you’re not convinced by Kris’ recipe, why not learn from the best? Will Rogers is head of beverages at SOMA and Kricket, and says a martini is best served cold.

Will says: ‘The most important part of the martini is to make sure the liquid is ice cold. For this, most bartenders will stir the ingredients in a tin or mixing jar with ice, but you can also keep your gin or vodka in the freezer to help maintain that temperature.

‘Also, cool your glass. When making that martini immediately get some ice and water in the glass to make sure it’s as cold as possible before you pour the liquid in it.

‘Lastly, find your perfect glass- a nice martini glass or coupe is not too pricey and it will make all the difference.’

Here, Will shares his recipe for how to make the perfect martini.

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Martini recipe


  • 25ml vermouth
  • 60ml vodka or gin
  • 15ml pickle juice
  • Ice


1. Take a cocktail shaker and add ice.

2. Pour over 25ml of dry vermouth.

3. Stir and then discard the vermouth, keeping the vermouth washed ice.

4. Add a little more ice and then add 50 to 60ml vodka, stir until nice and cold, and have a little taste – there should be no booze burn.

5. Finally add a dash, around 15ml, of any type of pickle juice – we currently have a pickled carrot and coriander martini on the menu at the moment at SOMA.

6. Stir once more and then strain into a glass.

7. If you fancy it, garnish the drink. We used a slice of pickled veg to match the liquor added – the sweet and savoury combo goes a long way.

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