Ippudo Rolls Out Tonkotsu Ramen-Flavored Potato Chips

One of Japan’s most successful ramen chains Ippudo is celebrating its 35th anniversary with the launch of ramen-flavored potato chips. The Hakata-Fukuoka-founded restaurant is rolling out a flavor based on its signature tonkotsu pork stock ramen.

Ippudo has teamed up with Yamayoshi Seika to produce the snack: Ippudo Shiromaru Motoaji Potato Chips. The snack is named after Ippudo’s original Shiromaru ramen, recreating its flavorful broth and aroma. The snack’s packaging reflects the signature dish — a picture of the ramen placed over a clear white background. Ippudo’s logo is stamped at the center of the bag, just above an image of two chips resting over one another.

Ippudo’s Shiromaru Motoaji Potato Chips will land on the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan on October 19 for approximately $1.35 USD.

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