Do Waitrose's new 'tearless onions' actually work? We put them to the test

Sick of onions making your eyes sting and cry?

Waitrose says no more, as from Tuesday, they’ll be stocking tearless onions that have been developed specifically to make slicing them that bit easier.

Coming from the US, Sunions are a natural cross-breed with a lower concentration of the chemical that causes your eyes to tear up.

The brand calls the onions a ‘game-changer’.

The brown onions are said to be sweet, easy to cook with, suitable for a variety of meal from curries to salads, and essentially be the same as your regular brown onion – except without the crying.

Some people are more sensitive than others to the chemical onions release when chopped.

It’s a defense mechanism onions naturally have, and it targets our eyes.

On a scale of one to 10 in terms of the potency of the chemical that causes this reaction, Sunions are at a three.

As someone that will cry without fail when cooking with onions, I put them to the test.

Chopping an onion finely, I sliced in and was hit with the usual waft that comes from an onion, then braced myself for sting that would follow in my eyes.

Surprisingly, none came.

Giving an onion to my mum to cook with, she also found them to be true on the tearless claims, saying that her eyes felt fine when normally they would water.

Adding the onions to a mix of meals as suggested by Waitrose, we found them to be indistinguishable in taste and texture against our regular onions.

According to Sunions, the tearless variety are taste tested three times to confirm they’re sweet enough.

Perhaps someone with a stronger palette for onions might have noticed a difference – but to the average consumer, it’s a regular onion.

Despite my skepticism, Sunions Tearless Onions live up to their name.

Will this make me use onions more in meals? Potentially.

Would they be specifically Sunions? Potentially not.

A pack of three will set you back £1.50, while Waitrose’s own brand onions go for 14p each.

Those with sensitive eyes might see it as a worthwhile spend though – and I can understand why.

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