Dad shares recipe for 'best ever' three-meat sausage rolls

An Australian dad has shared his recipe to create mouthwatering sausage rolls.

Stephen revealed details of his homemade pastry, which includes three kinds of meats and veggies to balance it all out.

The dad said he wakes up early to make the baked goods for his wife and child.

That way, they wake up and can get to work and school with their delicious homemade treat to eat for lunch.

If you want to make your own version of Stephen’s recipe then you can pick up all the ingredients in any supermarket.

You’ll need beef mince, pork mince, and bacon rashers as well as courgette, onion, celery, and sun-dried tomatoes.

But there is a skill to making the rolls as you have to ensure the veggies don’t make the pastry soggy.

Thankfully Stephen shared his method on a Facebook group, where the whole thing went down a treat with followers.

On his post, Stephen wrote: ‘Making food for school lunches saves heaps of time in the morning and my kids love a hot sausage roll for lunch.

‘Vegetables can cause the pastry to go soggy if you don’t evaporate the moisture when frying,’ he added.

One person commented on the post, saying: ‘They look really delicious. Should I ever sleep in I hope someone in my household thinks to make baked goods for when I wake up,’ 

Another joked: ”Be there in five, they look great.’

Others commended Stephen for preparing the lunches while his family rested.

One mum wrote: ‘I love that you let them all sleep in.’

Stephen replied, saying: ‘My wife deserves to sleep in, she works very hard and I need to let her have her beauty sleep’.

How sweet.

Recipe for ‘best ever’ sausage rolls:



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