Chef’s method for ‘perfect’ soft boiled easy-peel eggs

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An internet chef took to YouTube Shorts to explain how he makes the “perfect soft-boiled egg” and an added perk of this hack is that he claims it’s also “the easiest way o peel them”. Brandon, who has over 10 years of cooking experience, shares his cooking tips and tricks on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube under the username @sad_papi. He also runs his own website sharing recipes from breakfast right through to dinner and dessert.

After posting a video showing his soft-boiled eggs, Brandon said some of his viewers were “losing their minds”, which prompted him to make a step-by-step guide to achieving his runny yolks.

He explained that you should begin by using eggs which are “right out of the fridge” and still “cold”. He continued: “[Place the] eggs from cold into boiling water.”

The chef uses a label to gently place the eggs into the water, making sure they don’t drop. They should remain in a pan of boiling water for six minutes.

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Brandon continued: “When the timer is up the eggs go into an ice bath.” For this step, Brandon uses a glass bowl filled with water and scattered with ice cubes.

“Only leave them in there long enough to stop the cooking, they are actually easier to peel when they are still warm,” he said.

After removing the eggs, Brandon taps the edge of the shell at the bottom of the egg using a metal tablespoon. “Just create a little entry point,” he said.

Gently tapping, he is able to create a crack which he makes into a small hole. This will then provide space for your spoon to be slotted beneath the eggshell and begin the process of smoothly peeling it.

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“Take your spoon, get underneath and you can just take it off,” he explained. In the video, he can be seen removing the entire shell in one spiralling move.

Once peeled, he placed the egg onto a chopping board and sliced it in half to reveal a runny, golden yolk. His YouTube short has so far amassed 1.9K “likes” while on TikTok the same video has been “liked” over 366K times.

Users also applauded the hack in the comments section, with some saying it would be their go-to method moving forwards. One user said: “I will never peel an egg without a spoon from here on out. Thank you for this.”

Another commented: “I made this today! It was perfect and the spoon hack works incredibly well. Thank you!” On TikTok, a viewer added: “I never seen the egg peel like that but now that’s gonna be the only way a peel eggs.” [SIC]

Others, who had worked in professional kitchens before, explained they had used a similar technique. One user said: “[I] used to work in a Ramen place as a dishwasher and I would do some prep work sometimes when the prep cooks didn’t have time.

“One of the things was they would give us like a big bus tub filled with ice water and like 200 eggs and a metal ramen spoon and you peel as many as you can. [Let some] of them break in the process then they marinade all the ones that aren’t broken.”

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