You could have the reaction time of an F1 driver if you can find the hidden car keys in less than 36 seconds | The Sun

YOU may have the reaction time of an F1 driver if you can find the hidden car keys in this brainteaser.

The puzzling image challenges you to find a pair of car keys that are placed somewhere between the vehicles in under 36 seconds- can you spot them?

The majority of people misplace their keys often and spend hours trying to find them.

The picture, created by the business comparison site iCompario, challenges you to spot the car keys among the colourful trees and vehicles.

It takes the average person a total of 36 seconds to find them- do you think you can spot them quicker?

If you are struggling, focus on the left-hand side of the image and pay close attention to the details.


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The experts have also shared two tips for drivers to prevent their vehicles from being stolen.

The first and most important one is to make sure you lock your car even when you are in a rush.

And secondly, try to store your keys in a safe place- for example far away from the front door.

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