World's fattest man who weighed 93 stone has life-saving treatment after shedding 500lbs

Juan Pedro Franco, 32, weighed a whopping 93 stone at his heaviest.

Juan, from Mexico, was so obese that he'd been bedbound for a decade before finally having a gastric bypass, gastric band and gastrectomy sleeve fitted.

Now weighing in at 47 stone, he's been able to reduce the amount of medication he was taking for diabetes and hypertension.

Doctor Jose Antonio Castaneda said Juan was unable to move at his heaviest and now he can do everything he wants.

"Being in bed all day is very different to leading a normal life," he said.

"Staying in bed is upsetting and difficult."

But his weight loss journey still has a long way to go.

The former Guinness World Records holder still hopes to lose another 23 stone.

He's been gaining 22lbs every year of his life because – he says – he didn't have enough money to live a healthy lifestyle.

He also had a severe thyroid problem, which meant that he was unable to leave his house for years.

The surgery he had done in 2017 removed 75 per cent of his stomach and he's since been on a strict diet.

At his still massive weight, however, his heart is still under tremendous pressure – so it's imperative that he does continue to shed the fat.

Obesity can lead to type 2 diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, asthma, sleep disorders, kidney and liver disease, many cancers and stroke.

If you've got a BMI over 40 – or you're 100lbs (7st) over your ideal body weight, you're classed as severely or morbidly obese.

"When I was six, I weight almost 132lbs, and that was not because I didn't take care but because it was a disease I was born with," he said.

He says that becoming the World's Fattest Man wasn't a publicity stunt to make money but rather, would give him the opportunity to beat the "disease".

He hopes to soon be able to start walking around again.

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