Woman in hysterics after discovering 'contract' she wrote to her mum telling her to stop being 'bossy and mean'

AS we're sure all parents will agree, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind to your little ones – otherwise they'd watch TV all day, eat sweets for dinner and never go to bed of their own accord.

But despite our best efforts to lay down the law, the kids will often push back in the form of screaming tantrums – or if you're really lucky, a strongly worded letter.

Earlier this week, a woman shared the hilarious "contract" she wrote to her mum when she was seven years old – accusing her of being "bossy and mean".

Posting it on Reddit's "funny" forum, the little girl started by politely asking her mum to "pleas read" the note.

She wrote: "Mom, you are being a little bossy and mean. I think you should stop.

"Please sign if you agree on the line and bring the paper back to my room. From, Sarah."

Found this thoughtful letter I wrote to my mom at age 7.

At the bottom of the contract, the seven-year-old girl had drawn a very shaky line for her mum to put her signature.

Unsurprisingly, Sarah's mum never did sign the contract – but her note left members of the forum in hysterics.

"I see no signature," one user replied. "I can imagine you sitting staring at the door waiting for the signed sheet to come sliding under, only to be constantly denied."

Another added: "I'm 25 and living at home cause of the pandemic, can I steal this? I'll just print the picture of it and give it to my mom."

A third joked: "I like that you signed it ‘from’ instead of ‘love from’. Savage. She ain’t getting no lovin’ til she signs on the dotted line."

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