Wedding shamers savagely mock £4k engagement ring for looking like a ‘bedazzled vagina’ – The Sun

WEDDING shamers have mercilessly mocked an engagement ring for looking like a ‘bedazzled vagina’.

Shoppers spotted the unusual bit of bling in a shop, waiting to be given to an unsuspecting bride.

But any woman would surely be lucky to rock the ring on her finger – as it comes with a whopping £4,600 price tag.

The ring is an oval shape with a sparkling middle, flanked by two pink stones on either side.

The bespoke design has seen it compared to a number of items – most notably a vagina.

The ring was shared to Facebook group That's It, I'm Ring Shaming, where it’s racked up more than 300 comments.

Uploading the image, the person who spied the ring said: “Saw this in a local jewellery story for an amazing steal of $6,000 (£4,600).

“If that’s your thing.”

The majority of comments have pointed out its similarities to female genitalia, with one person said: “Bruh that’s a vagina.”

Someone else said: “Labia. All I see are labia.”

A third suggested: “A bedazzled vagina?”

This person commented: “Vagina expectations.”

Another person thought: “A vagina with a sparkly bullet vibrator stuck vertically.”

While this person added: “When they up the fundraising on sex education.”

Plus this mum made a ring out of her breast milk and her baby's hair. 

And this woman was roasted for not dumping her boyfriend after he proposed with the same ring he gave his ex. 

Meanwhile this woman got a 22-carat 'monstrosity' after she asked her husband for a practical ring.

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