Victoria Beckham Designed a Fancy Pair of Leggings That Can Actually Pass as Pants

Victoria Beckham

Out of all the things Victoria Beckham has worn, some of her most memorable outfits consist of wardrobe staples. She is, after all, the same woman who taught us the power of a little black dress during her Spice Girl days, and we often turn to the designer for tips on how to freshen up a T-shirt or a structured pair of pants.

We'd also go as far as calling Beckham an expert in the world of leggings. On top of showing us tricks for how to make them look fancy, she's designed plenty of her own, unexpectedly unique pairs — including one from her latest collaboration with Reebok.

Victoria Beckham

While many may argue that leggings can not be worn as full-on pants, this Victoria Beckham x Reebok pair really begs to differ. Instead of being your average pair, they're knit and ribbed, just like popular loungewear styles that are all over Instagram. Plus, there's a small slit at the bottom, allowing them to fan out a little bit over your foot. Someone alert the TikTok teens, because this is what flared leggings (read: not old fashion yoga pants) actually look like.

During a year where we can't stop choosing comfort over…everything, they seem like the perfect investment at $180. Surprisingly, they haven't sold out — yet! — on, but just because people are somehow sleeping on this brilliant design, which could easily be paired with both a blazer and a hoodie, doesn't mean you should.

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