There’s a new hack to make your house smell really great every time you vacuum – and all you need is an air freshener

ONE WOMAN has revealed how she makes her house smell amazing whilst vacuuming it, killing two birds with one stone.

Using air freshener the woman shows how you can use your vacuum to disperse a clean fresh smell all over your house.

Taking to her TikTok channel, one woman, Marylin posted a video showing her taking apart her vacuum, and spraying the filter with air freshener.

She posts: "Here's a hack you have to try. Remove the filter from the vacuum, spray with your favourite fabric refresher."

"Reinsert and vacuum as you normally would, your house will smell amazing" she adds.

The video which has racked up over 635 K views and 17 K likes was met with a range of comments.

"I had no idea I could even remove that part," said one person.

Another commented: "OMG it works, thank you so much."

Many commenters also suggested that this be tried with other substances.

"I put a few drops of essential oil on it, it works wonders, I have dogs" commented one person.

"I put a dryer sheet around mine, works wonders!! commented another.

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