The secret meanings behind celebrity tattoos revealed – from Tom Fletcher’s dinosaur to Brooklyn Beckham’s 020511 inking

MANY celebrities choose to keep their tattoo designs personal, but others have spoken about the meanings behind their inkings.

Stars such as Tom Fletcher and Chrissy Teigen have chosen tattoos which have very poignant significance to their lives.

Here’s the meaning behind some of the most famous celebrity tattoos…

Tom Fletcher

Tattoo: Dinosaur


McFly’s Tom Fletcher has paid tribute to his wife Giovanna and their three children by getting a permanent reminder of them on his bicep.

The 35-year-old took to Instagram to show off his new ink – an impressive line drawing of a triceratops done by tattoo artist Nouvelle Rita.

Tom shared some snaps of the finished piece with a lengthy caption explaining the full meaning behind why he decided to go for a dinosaur on his arm.

He told his 2million followers: "Rawr! Today was the first day I’ve had to myself since @mrsgifletcher went to Wales over a month ago so I visited the incredibly talented and lovely @nouvellerita for a little me time.

"I’ve wanted a dinosaur for a while so with 'tri' obviously meaning three and us having three kids, a triceratops with its three horns felt right (plus Gi’s @imacelebrity number was 03 too!🤯)

"So, here she is, ready to give me the strength of a dinosaur…or maybe just look super awesome.”

Brooklyn Beckham

Tattoo: 020511


At first glance, you may think Brooklyn’s arm tattoo is just a series of numbers, but they actually have significant value for the star. 

Each represents the birth year of his three siblings, as Romeo James was born in 2002, Cruz in 2005, and Harper Seven in 2011. 

However, the tattoo could also have two meanings as dad David Beckham's birthday is May 2, which could link to the "02" and "05" as well. 

Brooklyn also has a tattoo of his fiance Nicola Peltz’s eyes on the back of his neck, his siblings’ names on his fingers, and a “made in england” one too, among others. 

Chrissy Teigen

Tattoo: 'Jack'


Chrissy Teigen revealed her new tattoo of late son Jack's name weeks after she and husband John Legend lost their baby boy.

Model Chrissy took to her Instagram story to share a photo of the ink as she holds onto an unknown person’s hand while showing off her tattoo.

The tat reads "Jack," and sits near tattoos of other members of her family including John, as well as their two kids, daughter Luna, four, and son Miles, two.

On September 30, the famous couple revealed they had lost their son in a post accompanied by a series of heart-rending black and white photos of her grieving in hospital.

Jessica Plummer


Tattoo: Two lilies


EastEnders’ Jessica Plummer got a tattoo tribute to her grandmother and daughter Noa ahead of her recent I'm A Celebrity appearance. 

The actress, 28, shared the inking of two lilies located on her ankle on Instagram.

Jessica's tattoo paid tribute both to her daughter and grandmother – who share a name.

She wrote: "Two Lily's [sic.]. Noa's middle name is after her great Grandmother. My Gg.

"Thank you so much @wolfgangtattoo it's perfect"

The former EastEnders star gave birth to four-year-old Noa in 2016.

Mike Tyson

Tattoo: Tribal symbols on face


In 2003, Mike Tyson went under the needle of renowned tattoo artist Victor Whitmill.

Originally, he wanted his face to be covered in heart tattoos – so he would be recognised as 'The Man of hearts.'

However, Whitmill strongly advised against that idea and instead gave him the tribal design.

In the 2008 documentary 'Tyson' the former heavyweight champ says it represents his 'warrior status.' You wouldn't argue with him.

In popular culture, it featured in The Hangover film – which Tyson starred in – on the face of dentist, Stu Price.

Jessica Alba

Tattoo: "Lotus" in Sanskrit


Actress Jessica Alba revealed to comedian Stephen Colbert that her tiny wrist tattoo represents the "manifestation of spiritual beauty." 

She said that she got the tattoo after she broke up with a famous ex.

Justin Bieber 

Tattoo: Tiny cross


Justin Bieber opted for a religious symbol when he got his tattoo, which makes sense as he is a well-known Christian. 

He has a cross tattoo and he is said to have prayed before making it happen. 

His tattoo artist told Refinery29 that they prayed over the design as he singer was dealing with "such heaviness."

Selena Gomez

Tattoo: Arabic script


Selena Gomez has Arabic script on her back, which loosely translates to English as “Love yourself first.”

The singer clearly loves the phrase, as she also debuted on a Coach bag too. 

Selena’s other tattoos include a musical note on her wrist, the number 76, which is the year her mum was born, and a phrase on her hip.


Tattoo: Egyptian goddess, Isis


Singer Rihanna has paid tribute to her beloved late gran with a tattoo just under her boobs.

The inking – done at a parlour in London’s Soho – is of the Egyptian goddess Isis.

The distinctive design shows a female figure in Egyptian dress with huge eagle wings.

And Rih-Rih is so proud of the work she posted a cheeky pic of it on Instagram with the caption: “Goddess Isis – Complete Woman – Model for future generations – #GRANGRANDOLLY – always in and on my heart #1love”.

Emma Stone

Tattoo: Bird feet


Actress Emma Stone’s bird tattoo has a very poignant meaning as she got it done after she found out her mum was cancer-free in 2010. 

Emma and her mum got matching tattoos to celebrate the news. 

It also links to Emma’s love for the Beatles’ song Blackbird. 

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