Taylor Swift's New Music Video Put Me on the Hunt For a Pair of Embellished Sunglasses

Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Put Me on the Hunt For a Pair of Embellished Sunglasses

Taylor Swift’s music video “You Need to Calm Down” is chock full of eye candy. There’s the dizzying number of celebrity cameos (including an almost unrecognizable Adam Lambert), the bounty of colorful beauty looks, and of course the loads of Easter eggs scattered throughout the full three-and-a-half minutes. But for me, the thing that stood out the most in this video (other than the its important messages of kindness, civility, and acceptance regardless of gender and sexual orientation) were the killer, crystal-studded sunglasses Swift wears in the beginning of the video as she stomps out of her trailer and floats around in an above-ground pool.

The sunglasses in question are Rad + Refined Crystal Embellished Sunglasses, which Instagram user @taylorswiftstyled graciously brought to the world’s attention mere minutes after the video dropped. After adding those to my online cart, I immediately began looking for more embellished sunglasses that I could add to my collection.

See, I’ve been searching for a good pair of crystal- or pearl-studded sunglasses for a while now. It all started when a friend of mine began wearing a pearl sunglasses chain to her round metal frames. I thought it was the chicest thing I’d ever seen. Pearls or crystals decorating the actual frame of a pair of sunglasses? Well, that’s just as chic and sparkly. And while Swift’s blue-tinted frames are a whole lot of fun, they’re honestly not something I will wear every day. That’s why I searched for even more options that can allow me to embrace my inner mapgie without them clashing with my more subdued daily wardrobe. Keep reading to see and shop the most stylish ones I could find, whether it’s just a hint of glitz you’re after, or full-on crystal-studded lenses à la our girl T-Swift.

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