Tattoo artist shows off freckles she inked on a client who travelled 900 miles for appointment… but people are horrified | The Sun

AN AUSSIE tattoo artist has gone viral after showing off one of her latest creations – inked freckles – but viewers are not the biggest fans.

In a viral video on TikTok, Daisy Lovesick (@daisylovesick), from Brisbane, Australia, revealed one of her most recent portfolio additions – tattooed freckles, with a mini heart-shaped freckle too.

According to the Aussie artist, the client, Michaela, was ready to travel 900 miles just to get their face covered in inked freckles.

Demonstrating what the woman looked like prior to the appointment, Daisy said they had agreed to ink medium coverage freckles.

She also revealed: ''I always map my freckles with my clients sitting up and I have them go and look in the mirror to check that they're happy before we get started.

''When I map for a freckle tattoo, I map intuitively by eye,'' Daisy explained the process in another video.

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''I get my clients to smile, make faces, talk, watch themselves in the mirror and make sure everything is lining up with their vision.''

Once Michaela was satisfied with the drawing, the Aussie whizz set off to work, leaving the freckle fan's skin ''angry, angry''.

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Sharing footage of Mikayla's skin red and slightly swollen, Daisy added that this was normal.

''A lot of the times the freckles are gonna look like this right after they're done – but the skin calms down in an hour or so.

''And my clients are fully prepared that this is what they're going to walk out of the studio looking like.

''I am so absolutely obsessed with how these freckles came out – I am so, so happy, I especially love all those gorgeous one across the nose.''

But whilst Daisy couldn't get over her work, viewers seemed to share a slightly different opinion, with many of them horrified at the inking.

''My trypophobia is peaking,'' one mortified TikTok user commented.


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