I'm a millionaire at 16 – I make thousands a month, play the Stock Market & my mansion’s so big I don’t use the pool | The Sun

AT the tender age of 16, most people are lucky if they still get pocket money – but one teen has revealed he has an eye-watering £17k a month to play with. 

And Donald Dougher, who has dubbed himself ‘The Richest Kids in America’, is certainly putting his money to good use, as he owns several properties in LA, splashes out on supercars, and holidays alongside the rich and famous in the Bahamas.

Since setting up his YouTube channel in August 2019, Donald, who can be found on Instagram at @donlad, has been raking in big money from ad revenue.

The 16-year-old then branched out to other social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, where he shares his lavish lifestyle with his millions of followers. 

Now, the influencer lives in an LA mansion fit for a King, with sprawling grounds, impressive decor and a pool – that he has said previously he hadn’t had the chance to use as it was too far away from the rest of the house.

What’s more, Donald, who is said to be worth millions thanks to his business ventures, appears to make extra cash on the stock market if his latest Instagram videos are anything to go by. 

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Introducing himself on his YouTube channel, Donald – who lives with his mum, sister, and live-in videographer Don Freshly, wrote: “My name is Donald but everyone calls me DONLAD! Many of you might know me as The Richest Kid in America.

“I'm living my best life throughout California, and I want to bring you guys with me! 

“On my channel, you will find me filming vlogs of my lifestyle and some other crazy things I have going on.”

He then went on to thank his loyal fans and said his life “wouldn’t be possible” without each of them subscribing and watching his content.

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Donald has also opened up about his rise to the top in several interviews, including with Truly.

In a video interview, a then 14-year-old Donald revealed he could make up to $20,000 dollars a month on YouTube.

He then confessed that despite what people see, he’s had to work hard to get to where he is.

Donald – who even owns self-lacing trainers amongst his designer collection – continued: “There’s probably not an hour a week where I don’t work, I’m always posting stories, pictures and always doing something on social media.”

He went on to say: “I have a luxury taste. I’m kind of boujee. I like the nice things in life.”

Donald also spoke about his hopes for the future and building his empire further.

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He explained: “In the future, the main thing I want to do is grow my channel. All my money I either save, or funnel back into the channel.

“I want to help it grow to get the biggest audience possible, the most views.”

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