Shoppers mock Fashion Nova's barely-there buckle-up romper and joke it's a 'must for summer'

CUT-OUTS are still a huge trend this season, but Fashion Nova has taken the racy look one step further than most.

The e-tailer is selling a buckle-up playsuit that features huge gaps across the stomach, chest and hips.

  • Buckle Up Mock Neck Romper, £39.56 from Fashion Nova – buy now

The quirky piece is comprised of cycle-style shorts, as well as long sleeves and a zip-up polo neck.

Think that combination sounds bizarre? It's nothing compared to the oversized open sections.

The only thing stopping your chest from popping out is a very precariously-placed buckle – if you're not a fan of underboob, this outfit definitely isn't for you.

There's similar detailing above the belly button and across the tops of the legs.

Unsurprisingly, the romper received quite a reaction when Fashion Nova shared a photo of it over on Instagram.

In a sarcastic message, one person joked: "This is perfect for a summer bbq or wedding! I will def make this purchase [sic]."

Another commented: "Happy Halloween."

Others said: "That's def not what u wear to a job interview for something serious," and: "Awful."

However, some shoppers appeared to be big fans of the sexy utility vibe.

More positive messages read: "Absolutely love this outfit," and: "This look is fire."

Interested in picking it up for a summer party? If you're feeling extra brave, it also comes in bright yellow.

It costs $49.99, which converts to £39.56.

Just make sure you cover yourself in sunscreen – you could end up with some very unfortunate tan lines…


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