Nike's Betsy Ross Shoes Selling for $2,500 After Kaepernick Recall

Here’s a lesson in supply and demand … 

After Nike recalled their special Betsy Ross Flag Air Max 1 USA sneakers, DEMAND EXPLODED … with several leaked pairs selling for more than $2,000!!! 

The shoes were originally supposed to be released on June 29 with a $120 price tag — but after Colin Kaepernick reached out to Nike to express concerns with the design, the Swoosh ordered retailers to pull the kicks and send them back to headquarters. 

The move almost immediately caused the shoe value to skyrocket with collectors because they essentially became a limited edition shoe … with very few pairs getting through to consumers. 

We checked out the website StockX — a super popular streetwear auction site — and one pair of the Betsy Ross kicks sold for $2,501 … a Size 8. 

A pair of Size 10.5s and a pair of Size 9s sold for $2,000 each. Another 10.5 sold for $1,750. A few pairs of Size 10s have sold in the $1,200 range.  

Another seller claims they have a pair of Size 10s and they’re asking $6,974 — but who knows if they’ll actually get it.  

Before the news about Colin Kaepernick’s involvement went public, the shoes had been reselling in the $250 range … but the news about CK caused a massive shift and they’re still on fire. 

As we previously reported, Colin went to Nike with concerns about the Betsy Ross 13-star design on the shoes … a design that’s recently been co-opted by several white nationalist groups. 

Nike ultimately felt Colin’s point was valid and issued a recall. It’s unclear exactly how many pairs slipped through and got to the public. 

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