Savvy mum uses two household items to clean her blinds easily – and people can't believe they didn't think of it | The Sun

WITH the family about to descend for Christmas, many of us are trying to get the house looking and smelling great. 

Luckily one savvy mum has shared her quick and easy trick for cleaning her blinds – and you’ve probably got everything you need at home. 

Chrissy, known online as @chrissy.j.xx, regularly shares cleaning and parenting tips with her 114,000 followers. 

In one of her recent videos, the cleaning pro shows how she uses a pair of odd socks and some kitchen tongs to remove any dirt and dust. 

“Let me show you something…

“Secure two clean socks with elastics…get your favourite cleaning product…spritz spritz.


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“I’m embarrassed by the ending.” 

During the 10-second video, Chrissy is seen securing two odd socks to a pair of kitchen tongs using elastic bands. 

She then sprays the socks with the Purdy & Figg Counter Clean. 

To clean her wooden blinds, she places the tongs on either side of each slat and wipes the length of it. 

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Fans loved the quick and easy cleaning hack, with the video gaining more than 27,000 views. 

Although another TikTokker thinks she’s found an even easier way to do it – using a mop. 

In a recent video, professional cleaner Allison is seen filling a mop bucket with hot water and seven sprays of Gain power blast. 

Next, she gives the blinds a quick dust and then runs the damp mop over the closed blinds. 

Apparently, the speedy hack has halved the amount of time she usually spends on her windows. 

Her followers loved it, with one writing: "Cleaning the blinds with the mop, my mind is blown. Thank you!"

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