Savvy mum shares genius squash trick to stop clumsy kids from making a mess and it's perfect for summer | The Sun

A SAVVY mum has revealed the genius trick that she uses to ensure her clumsy kids don't make a mess when getting a drink.

She posted the hack online and parents can't get enough of it.

The mum confessed to having "the clumsiest daughter" so she came up the idea and it's perfect for stopping spills.

All you need is a normal ice cube tray or bags, then simply pour to undiluted squash of your choosing into each section.

Simply chuck it in the freezer and you'll have frozen squash cubes to add to water whenever you want.

To make it even easier for her daughter the mum removed the frozen cubes from the bags and added them to a plastic container so she wouldn't have to struggle getting them out on her own.

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The juice will melt and flavour the water while also keeping it cool on hot summer days.

The best part is there's no heavy bottle for little ones to pick up and inevitable drop or spill.

Parents loved the mess-free trick and couldn't wait to try it for themselves.

One said: "That's such a good idea, my daughter always makes a right mess and uses too much."

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A second quipped: "A fab idea! My son is terrible for spilling."

Another joked: "Can I do this for my 20-year-old sonwho has spilled three drinks this week."

Not everyone was convinced by thehack, one parent said: "She's not clumsy, she needs to practice.

"Doing this tales away the opportunity to build confidence and skill in the task!"

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