Savvy mum reveals ‘game-changing’ laundry hack which makes sorting kids’ clothes a breeze & it’s blowing people’s minds

IT can be hard to keep on top of the laundry when you've got kids.

But one mum has come up with a genius way of keeping track of her children's clean clothes.

The matriarch of the Dinkum family took to TikTok to share her clever hack, explaining that she'd "learned it from a friend".

"When you have multiple kids, the first kid gets one bar on the collar or on the back tag, the second kid gets two bars, the third kid gets three bars and so on," she said.

"That way you know whose clothes are whose."

In another video on TikTok, the mum further explained how useful the hack has been for her large family.

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"The fact is when you have lots of kids who are sort of close in age, ours are typically about two, two and a half years apart, and they’re the same gender, it’s really easy for their clothes to get mixed up," she said.

"It can look almost the same as you’re folding it in a laundry pile, especially if they have matching outfits.

"It takes a lot longer to think about which kid is in which clothing size at what time, than it does to just look at the bars and count.

"What we’re doing is that we’re making it easier on ourselves to organise the clothing to make sure that the kids get their own clothes."

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She also said that the hack is extremely useful if you have an older child in a smaller size than their younger sibling.

"I have one kid who always had a really slender waist and I had the hardest time finding shorts and pants that would fit this kid," she said.

"But her younger sibling had a wider waist."

She was quickly praised by other parents for sharing the hack, with one writing: "THANK you!!!

"I have three boys and they’re at a stage where it’s hard to tell whose stuff is whose."

"This is great!" another added.

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"this is smarter than when my family did coloured dots," someone else commented.

To which the poster replied: "I found that dots faded too much over time, so I started doing bars."

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