sacai and UNDERCOVER Rejoin for Made-to-Order, Transformable Rider's Jacket

sacai and UNDERCOVER aren’t content to only issue one joint effort this year. Instead, the duo have reunited on another cold weather collaboration, this time opting to elevate the shopping experience with a bespoke piece of outerwear.

Here, the double rider’s jacket, an UNDERCOVER signature, has been given the sacai treatment. Rich black leather is interspersed with down jacket panels, yielding a hybrid garment that retains a familiar shape but is unlike anything else on the market. A bevy of zippers and snaps allow the wearer to customize the way they wear the jacket, with options for different lapels and closures, mirrored by adjustable accents on the sleeves. On the rear, UNDERCOVER’s recognizable thin font spells out “Return To The Origin A Personal Approach sacai And UNDERCOVER.”

Each jacket is made to order and will only be offered in the one color beginning November 7. Clients may choose one of four different sizes however, with each item weighing in at $3,114.58 USD.

UNDERCOVER’s last drop of statement outerwear included a series of Kurosawa-inspired puffer jackets.
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