Primark is selling a Harley Quinn nightdress for Halloween… and it's only £8

They're now selling a striped pyjama shirt that features Harley Quinn, and it's an absolute bargain.

For only £8 you can nab yourself the nightdress from Primark, and get yourself in the Halloween mood.

Hopefully those pink fluffly slippers are also on sale, as they match perfectly.

The pyjama dress features a cartoon-style illustration of Margot Robbie's character on the front.

It also has 'mad love' written above the illustration.

The've only just gone on sale so we suggest you run down to Primark if you fancy getting your hands on one.

You can also grab a blue sleep mask there whilst you're at it!

Primark fans will be happy to hear of their newest skin range with Alessandra Steinherr which starts from only £3!

They're also selling bargain Kylie Cosmetics-style lip kits for £3.

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