My neighbour keeps parking their car in MY driveway, they think they’re entitled to it just because I don’t have a car | The Sun

LIVING in a block of flats means you often end up sharing outdoor space with your neighbours.

But one mum has grown frustrated with her neighbours as they continue to park in her driveway space.

Despite not having a car herself, the anonymous woman said she often uses it to hang her washing out and relax in the sun as there isn't a garden.

She took to Mumsnet to air her frustrations about her neighbours taking over her spot.

The woman wrote: "A few months ago a family moved into the flat above me and have taken to parking their big people carrier on my drive.

"They didn't ask my permission, just assumed they were entitled to because I don't have a car."


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The problem is that whenever they park their car in her driveway she can't hang her washing out as the car blocks the sun.

Her neighbours also park diagonally making it hard for the mum to get her pram in and out of her own flat.

"They are out there at the minute cleaning and hoovering the car about 3ft away from my doorstep so I can't sit out and enjoy the sun / a bit of peace and quiet," she added.

The mum asked other Mumsnet users if it was unreasonable to approach her neighbours and ask them to stop parking in her driveway.

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"I don't have a car so this Is why I don't know if I'm being unreasonable," she explained.

But most users agreed it wasn't fair on the mum and suggested she have a chat with them.

One wrote: "Tell them it’s you’re private driveway and they don’t have permission to park there and to move their car. If you haven’t told them there may simply be a misunderstanding.

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Another commented: "I think you have to say something but do it from a position of assuming they don't realise they shouldn't be doing this. I don't think it needs to be a confrontation but just let them know that they can't park there as it's private and you're going to be using it."

A third penned: "Make it look more like a garden, maybe put planters on the entrance to stop them using it. If they are not too heavy, you could move them if you have a visitor that needs to park."

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