My mum ages backwards – if I got a pound every time I'm asked if she's my sister, I'd be a millionaire | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed her mum looks so young that people often mistake them for sisters.

Danielle took to TikTok to share videos of herself with her Eastern European mother Oxana, with some people struggling to tell the difference between the pair.

Over a video of her blonde mother showing off her figure in a brown satin dress, Danielle said: "True pain is being raised by an Eastern European mother that happens to age backwards.

"If I got a dollar for every time I got asked, ‘Are you two sisters?’, I’d be a millionaire."

"Idk what they fed kids in the former Soviet Union. How old do you think she is?" she captioned her video.

"She’s 30 you literally can’t tell me otherwise," one person commented.

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"You can’t be serious," another said.

"THIS IS YOUR MUM? She’s beautiful!"

"SAME OMG I’m Russian & my mom didn’t *start* to age until late 40’s (& the sister question is always asked)," someone else commented.

"I can’t tell which one is the mother and which one is the daughter," another wrote.

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In another clip, Danielle revealed her mum is actually 50.

"So this is the correct answer," she said.

"My mum had me when she was 27 years old. She’s currently 50 and I’m 23.

"She’s my best friend, my style icon – we do almost everything together.

"And I hope to look half as good at her age."

The comments section was quickly filled with pleas for Oxana's skincare and exercise regime.

With Danielle responding to one person: "She eats everything and loves wine!

"But she does 16 hour fasts most days and works out 3+ times a week!"

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