My friend babysat my kids then had sex in my bed – I don’t think I’ll ever trust her again

IF YOU go away on holiday and leave your kids at home, you want someone that you can trust to look after them, right?

Well, one woman has revealed that the unthinkable happened when she left her best friend at her home to look after her two children.

An anonymous woman explained to Kidspot that she was ging away for a weekend with her husband to celebrate their anniversary.

Her best friend since school had offered to house sit and babysit and the woman trusted her to look after her two daughters.

But upon her return home, the woman was horrified when her best friend revealed what she had been up to, whilst her seven and nine year old daughters were home.

As told to Kidspot, the woman explained: “A few weeks ago, my husband and I went away for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. 

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“It was about two years in the making because every other date we had planned was ruined by the pandemic.

“Needless to say, we were really excited and in need of some time to ourselves and for once I wasn’t even worried about leaving the kids because one of my best friends, *Laura, offered to house sit and babysit too, and I knew that they would have the best time.

“Laura and I have been close friends since the beginning of high school, and she has been like an aunty to my two girls from the moment they were born.

“Not having children of her own yet has meant she is often eager to babysit or spend time with the girls and a whole weekend with them seemed like a gift rather than a favour to her.

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“Because Laura is so amazing with the girls and was doing us a massive favour (even if she didn’t see it this way) when she asked if her partner, who is also a good friend of ours, * Tim, could also stay I didn’t think twice.

“Although Tim didn’t usually spend time with the girls himself, I thought maybe this would be something different for him and perhaps encourage him to take the next step with Laura, who I knew was very keen for this to happen.

“Plus, even if nothing like this did eventuate, I didn’t envision any problems arising because of it. But of course, I was wrong.”

The woman revealed that they had a brilliant trip and the babysitting seemed to be going smoothly, but it wasn’t until she returned home, did she realise what had happened whilst she was away.

She continued: “While most things went according to plan – our trip away was lovely, the babysitting and housesitting seemed to run smoothly – it was what I found out a week later by some offhanded comment from Laura that infuriated me.

“Laura told me that she and Tim had sex in our bed. She told me they had 'great sex' at our house.

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“Now, I am not a prude. I am all for a healthy sex lives no matter who you are. But having sex in another couple’s bed is a no go in my books.

“I mean, it was a weekend, not an extended stay. Surely they could manage to abstain for two nights while they were meant to be babysitting.

“The only reason they were even in our room and bed was because we had no other suitable space for them.

“Normally I wouldn’t even offer what I view as my intimate space up for anyone else to use, but I trusted her and thought it would be fine. I never thought I would need to specify such a thing.

“So, when Laura told me about the “great sex” her and Tim had while they stayed at our house, I was disappointed, and I told her so.

“I said that the idea of being intimate in the same bed and the same bedroom usually occupied by one of your good friends and their husband is just wrong. 

“But what I found the most inappropriate and irresponsible was the fact that they were there to babysit our two primary school-aged kids. This should have been their priority.

“While Laura apologised for upsetting me, she still said that she didn’t really think there was anything irresponsible with what she did because our childrens' safety was never at risk.”

The woman is left fuming at her friends’ actions and although she is still friends with the woman in question, she reveals that she would never let her babysit her children again.

She continued: “But I disagree. Given that Laura had never babysat the girls overnight before, so it was new for everybody involved, I am just unsure how she thought it was a safe and good choice for the situation.

“How was Laura to know that the girls wouldn’t come running in with a nightmare, or not be able to sleep and want a hug?

“How was she to know that they would stay in their beds the whole time and not walk in on two adults naked and having “great sex?” 

“I mean my girls are 7 and 9, so they don’t even know what sex really is. They have never accidentally walked in on my husband and I so it has never really been a discussion we have had in that much detail.

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“I just keep thinking what if this occurred and ‘the talk’ happened without me. Or if I had to do it once I got home all because of their actions.

“While our friendship is fine, I don’t feel like I can ever trust her to watch the girls overnight again.”

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