Mum’s clever hack for when kids want a new toy and you don’t want them to have a tantrum – and it really works | The Sun

IF there's one thing that's bound to slow down your supermarket trip it's bringing your little one with you.

Somehow you'll find yourself in the toy aisle and having to say no to buying anymore, which probably won't go down well your your tot.

But if you're a busy mum like paediatric physiotherapist Jena Schultz that's not always a possibility to leave them at home.

That's why she's shared a clever trick to stop tantrums in their tracks, and it works like a charm.

Posing on her Instagram account (@drivingdevelopment), Jena explained how she makes shopping with her son a breeze.

The mum said she'll get her son to pose with the toy he wants and take a quick picture and tell him she'll send it to Father Christmas, or even his grandparents, for his toy wish list.


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"If you're in the grocery store and your kiddo really wants a toy, go ahead and have them take a picture with it.

"So I will tell them that I am taking the picture with it so I can send it to Grandma, Papa, Santa, so we know what they want for their birthday, Christmas, or whatever it is," she explained.

And because she tells her son it's only going on his wish list it's not giving his "false hope."

You also have the added bonus of having a record of toys your kid wants next time it is their Birthday or they're getting a special treat.

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After sharing the tip with other parents they couldn't believe they didn't think of it sooner, and others said they do something similar.

One said: "Brilliant! That’s what I do when I see something I like but don’t have the money or want to see if I can find it somewhere else. It’s a life hack that kids can take forward with them too."

A second said: "I have been doing this for 11 years with my 3 kids. Let’s take a picture and add it to your list!"

"This works every time!!! I e have been doing it for the past year or two. I have an album called 'Olive Santa' and it’s so funny to look back on what she wanted

"She has things from lucky charms to boxers," another wrote.

"This is like the modern version of our parents making us circle things in catalogues," someone else joked.

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