Mum shows off her homemade Christmas cards but misses one rude mistake and people can’t unsee it | The Sun

THERE'S something very sweet about taking the time to make your own Christmas cards.

But the adorable plan massively backfired for one mum when she realised the rude mistake she made.

Cheryl Beardsley shared a video on TikTok showing how she gets her three-year-old son to sign the homemade Christmas cards, but that wasn't what got people's attention.

On the opposite side of the card the mum made a Christmas tree painting with prints of her son's feet to form the tree.

The only problem was that the finished painting looked more phallic than she probably thought it would.

Instead, the keepsake fir painting resembled a green penis – which isn't what she had in mind.


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Cheryl didn't even notice the blunder until she posted the clip to TikTok, where it has racked up 2.1 million views.

Viewers quickly pointed out her mistake, leaving the mum feeling embarassed.

One wrote: Please tell me you see it's not a tree."

A second said: "That tree did NOT look like a tree."

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Someone else said: "I just heard 'I stamped' and I saw the picture and immediately freaked out."

And another joked: "It's definitely wood but I don't know about a tree…"

Once she realised her mistake it was already too late, since they cards has already been posted to her friends and family.

"Pray for the people who got 'trees'," she joked.

But viewers assured Cheryl that it could be worse.

"At least you didn't put snow falling on it or something like that," one person commented.

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