Mum shares brilliant hack to keep ‘wriggly’ toddlers busy – and all you need is an empty packet of wet wipes

A MUM has shared her brilliant hack for keeping ‘wriggly’ toddlers busy – and all you need is an empty pack of wet wipes. 

She revealed she came up with this nifty trick to “save her sanity”, after getting sick and tired of wrestling her daughter when changing her nappy. 

The mum explained you get an empty packet – which shouldn’t be hard to find in any household with kids – and then fill it with a range of fun items. 

The idea is to close the lid, and then your child work out what they are as they try and get them out. 

Explaining her tip, the mum wrote on Facebook group Aldi Mums: “I have done this with all of my children and it never fails to keep them occupied. 

“My youngest daughter is a particularly wriggly baby, and never likes to stay still long enough for me to change her nappy. 

“So I came up with this idea that keeps her busy the whole time.”

She revealed she put in a peg, flower, part of a toy and a plastic vegetable, making sure she didn’t include anything which could pose a choking hazard. 

The mum added: “Then when I get her ready to change, I give it to her and she has to try and get them all out.

“I hope someone else finds this helpful – it has definitely saved my sanity.”

Her tip has racked up more than 200 comments, as fellow mums praised her ingenious idea.

One said: "Very smart! I shall definitely try that with my son, as he hardly lies still on the change table any more."

Another wrote: "This is a great idea! I am definitely going to try this."

A third commented: "Deffo going to try this for nappy changes!! Thank you."

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