Mum shares £1 cleaning hack that’ll leave your whole home smelling of fresh laundry

A MUM has shared a genius hack for effortlessly refreshing your entire home – and all you need is your favourite fabric softener.

Gemma Bradley, 35, a customer service agent from Lincolnshire, frequently shares cleaning hacks on social media, leaving her 26,300 followers in awe at her cheap and easy solutions.

The mum's latest hack describes how to tackle smells in your property.

In a clip that has gone viral on TikTok, the mum starts by filling up a Dishmatic – a refillable washing brush – with gold orchid fabric softener (though any brand or scent will do).

She then tops it up with a bit of water before getting to work cleaning her radiators, skirting boards and door frames with the brush.

The result leaves the whole house smelling of flowers and freshly-washed laundry.

TikTok users love the simple hack, with the video racking up over 2.6 million views and 96,000 likes.

The mum, who has a one-year-old daughter named Poppy, uses this hack at least once a month or whenever she deep-cleans the house.

Coming up with unique hacks not only leaves Gemma's home smelling sweet but also gives her the satisfaction of having come up with something unique that she can share on social media.

She said: “Since having my gorgeous little girl who is two in May, I’ve not really done anything for myself as I’m sure other mums will be able to relate to this.

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“I absolutely love being a mum but I also wanted to do something I was good at and actually enjoyed.

"For me, this is cleaning and also making the content.

"It’s very calming and keeps my mind occupied instead of being the worrier that I am.

“This is something I really do enjoy and what I’ve realised lately is other people are actually liking my content!"

Gemma was originally inspired by Mrs Hinch and is a self-declared fan of the popular cleaning influencer, but her trick comes with her own twist.

“I’m the biggest Mrs Hinch fan," Gemma said.

"One of her tips is to clean the radiator with Zoflora [a fragrant disinfectant].

"Then I thought, why not do this with one of my favourite scents, which is Lenor Gold Orchid fabric softener.

“I also find it so much easier with a Dishmatic as when using a cloth, this does drip/run from personal experience.

"I also find that doing this with softener makes the scent last even longer, especially when the radiator heats up.”

The mum is also very grateful for the support she's received online.

She added: "The support I’ve had from people is so humbling, I will always be so grateful for all my friends and followers.

“Oh and obviously my partner is supportive because he has a nice clean home.”


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Please note that while we love a useful hack, it's best to check the instructions on products if you are considering using them on items they are not intended for.

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