Mum makes sandpit in her back garden for £2.50 after her kids missed going to the beach

A CLEVER mum decided to make a sandpit in her back garden to avoid taking her kids to the busy nearby beach – and it only cost her a couple of pounds to do.

The woman said that her eldest daughter is "high-risk" and that she was "too paranoid" to visit the populated beach so the woman decidedto "bring the beach to them" instead.

The mum insisted that "sandpits are expensive" and wanted to do it on the cheap, and managed to do just that with the help from her dad – the kids' grandfather.

She explained that her dad built a wooden frame in the shape of a square and placed it on top of a large tarpaulin.

And added that the tarp should be "bigger than the box [so] you can then at night wrap it up."

As for the sand, she revealed that she managed to snap up a 15kg bag of play sand from B&M for just £2.50, explaining this was the only expense involved in creating the epic lockdown backyard beach.

She shared progress shots in the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, along with a snap of the finished result which left other parents mighty impressed by the clever idea.

One person even shared a very clever tip suggesting that by adding cinnamon in the sand it will keep the creepy crawlies out.

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