Mum horrified after green bath bomb stained her daughter’s skin and made her look like an alien – The Sun

YOU can't deny it- there is nothing more pure on this earth than a child's love of bath bombs.

That said, one mum has been left equally horrified and amused after a budget green bath product made her 11-year-old daughter – how shall we say it? – look like something out of this world. And not in the good way.

Writing about the incident for News.Au, Australian mum Keri Sackville bought her daughter a make-your-own bath bomb kit for £8 from budget store Kmart over the school break.

Although it took just 20 minutes for her daughter to whizz all the ingredients together, Keri joked that it took her double the time to clean up the green mess left on the table floor and her daughter's hands and hair.

In other words, the experiment already wasn't getting off to the best start.

Choosing to have faith in her favourite store, Keri continued: "I love Kmart! So I didn't worry at all when my daughter took those bath bombs and dropped one in her bath."

But it turns out, Keri SHOULD have worried based on what happened next.

After her daughter called her to come look at her bath, Keri wrote: "I trudged to the bathroom, swung open the door and nearly choked on my own tongue. What I saw was horrifying.

"My daughter stood in the bath, arms above her head, laughing hysterically. And she was GREEN."

And while Keri started to panic about how both her bathroom and "precious child were emerald green", her daughter shrieked: "Look, mum! I'm an alien!"

Needless to say, Keri quickly got her daughter out the bath and put her straight in the shower – but the colour didn't budge.

She joked: "This was no water-soluble bath bomb; it seemed to be made from crushed permanent markers or oil paints."

After scrubbing her daughter down with soap for "what seemed like hours", Keri's daughter was still left with streaks of green and a "lime navel" a week later.

All in all, it took three days and two showers until the majority of the green had faded.

And while Keri did eventually get the emerald residue out of her bath, it's the green grout that's been the most challenging to tackle.

"What is harder to wash off is my deep sense of dismay," Keri joked. "I loved Kmart. I trusted it deeply. And my favourite store turned my daughter green."

A spokesperson for the brand said: "At Kmart Australia, we are committed to the quality and safety of all of our products. We have not received an inquiry of this nature, but we welcome the opportunity to resolve this directly with the customer."

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