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Lovehoney reveals which star sign has the best sex… so where does YOURS rank?

Sex toy retailer Lovehoney have revealed in a new survey that one sign comes out on top…


According to Lovehoney, Aquarians are very exciting and unpredictable lovers.

They come out on top out of all the other signs as they make love the most, are most faithful to their partners and have the highest levels of satisfaction in the bedroom.

They're also the most likely to buy WHIPS.


If you're a Pisces it means you're a gentle and emotional lover.

A natural giver who loves to please, Pisceans are also the most likely to dress up in the bedroom.

So who is the most satisfied with their sex life?


No-nonsense sex and straight up directions is how Arians like it in bed.

They're the most adventurous and the biggest fans of bondage.

So it's hardly surprising that they're the sign least likely to cuddle up and to neglect foreplay.


Quickies are an absolute no-no for Taureans, as they like to take their time in the bedroom.

They're also the sign that purchases the most sex toys.


Laughter truly is the best medicine for Gemini signs.

Sex doesn't mean love for them, and they love some bondage rope apparently.

Donald Trump is a Gemini, and we're not sure about how that makes us feel.


Sensuality is a Cancerian's strong point, and they are very faithful people.

They also prefer to have a strong emotional connection prior to doing the deed.

Who has the most sexual partners?


Unsurprisingly Leos love being the centre of attention in the bedroom as well as outside of it.

They respond very well to compliments and are also the most likely to try out sex games.


Perfectionists in every way of life, Virgos aim for 100 per cent in all aspects of sex, too.

They're incredibly diligent, however they're not fans of surprises.

They also love focusing on technical aspects of love making.


The art of seduction comes easily to a Libra.

They're easy-going lovers who are creative in bed, and are obsessed with sharing and connecting.

Spanking is a standard for the Librans, and they're the most likely to receive them.


If you're a Scorpio then you're an intense, emotional, passionate and a mysterious lover.

Scorpios can actually be a little possessive at times, and they have an intense sexual appetite.

They also LOVE to dress up in the bedroom.

Who is having the most frequent sex?


If you're a Sagittarius then you're most likely to love a quickie.

They get bored easily and hate routine and also have bundles of energy.

Playing hard to get is easy for them, and they're notoriously difficult to seduce.


Thorough is the word that best describes a Capricorn's sex life, as they pride themselves on pre-planning and structure to ensure a good time.

However, they are also big fans of experimenting at times.

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