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A SECRET royal feud involving the Queen's closest aide has been revealed in an explosive book.

Angela Kelly, 65, was Her Majesty's dresser and said to be one of her "true friends" – but it's claimed not everybody was that fond of her.

Bombshell claims in the upcoming biography by Prince Philip's friend Gyles Brandreth titled Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait suggest the Queen's closeness to Angela was said to "not always go down well" and other staff "found her a nuisance".

It is said the ladies-in-waiting would get irritated by Angela, as the daughter of dockworker had a different upbringing to them – and they harboured a grudge over her friendship with the Queen.

In a snippet serialised in the Mail+ it explained how Angela helped the Queen dress in colourful clothes following the death of her husband.

It reads: "That first summer after Philip’s death, she chose to dress — as she herself put it — ‘as cheerfully as possible.’

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"With the help of Angela Kelly, she opted for yellow and pink and powder blue, in summery dresses with pretty floral designs."

However, Brandreth goes on to write: "Her closeness to Kelly, the daughter of a Liverpool dockworker, did not always go down well; the ladies-in-waiting found her a nuisance at times.

It comes after the bombshell book revealed:

  • The Queen’s unexpected response to the Prince Andrew scandal
  • That she and Prince Philip didn’t see each other for weeks after he retired from public duties in 2017
  • Her Majesty’s moves to show support for Andrew despite opposition from the Royal Family
  • The late-monarch tried to keep busy in her last days to cope with her husband’s death
  • One of the Queen’s last conversations was with Clive Cox, one of her favourite racehorse trainers

"The dresser was from a quite different background to theirs, and irritated some at court with her no-nonsense Northern manner, her easy access to the Queen and her effortless familiarity with her.

"They particularly resented the way Kelly felt able to step out of line to adjust the Queen’s clothes or drop a word in her ear at what they considered to be inappropriate moments.

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"But they could do nothing about it because the Queen regarded Kelly as one of her true friends."

Angela first moved in during the Covid lockdown as part of the HMS Bubble team and helped Her Majesty with day-to-day care.

Then, in May this year, it was reported Angela had moved in full time.

She had worked with the Queen since 2002, and became her personal assistant and senior dresser after rising through the ranks.

Angela revealed she made a lasting impression on Her Majesty the first time she met her – for refusing to tell her a secret.

She was also claimed to have been involved in Meghan Markle's wedding tiara row.

But they could do nothing about it because the Queen regarded Kelly as one of her true friends.

Angela was said to have dragged her feet in helping Meghan choose a tiara for their 2018 wedding day.

The Queen was also claimed to have given Harry a stern telling-off after he supposedly shouted "What Meghan wants, Meghan gets!" at Angela.

Earlier this year Her Majesty was also reported to have given Angela her blessing to reveal all her Covid lockdown secrets.

Along with the claims about the staff's feelings towards the dresser,Brandreth's book also reveals the Queen's incredible stoicism during her final months.

Her Majesty is said to have told a lady-in-waiting that she was determined to keep busy as it helped her cope with Prince Philip's death.

And she is said to have not wanted to give way to self-pity, saying: "My husband would certainly not have approved."

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It has also been claimed that she fought a painful cancer in her final year.

The book suggests that the late-monarch suffered from an incurable form of the disease, despite her death certificate recording her cause of death as "old age".

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