I'm the frugal queen… I make my kids sift through rubbish with me, it’s easily saved us £8,000

WITH the current climate, many are looking for ways to save money wherever possible – but some take it to the extreme.

And one mum has revealed she loves being frugal so much, she will make a family day-out from dumpster diving with her kids.

Rosanna Tran, 52, is a property manager who tries to limit how much the family spends.

''I'm the queen of frugalness,'' she said appearing on the TV series So Freakin Cheap.

Together with her husband Danny, the mum-of-four regularly spends days hunting for hidden gems in large dumpsters.

''We live in a nice house and we could afford nice things if we want to.

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''However, I don't think it's necessary,'' said the mum who moved to the States when she was just 19.

Unlike her parents, who Rosanna claimed splurge out on entertainment, dining and clothing, the mum is the complete opposite.

''They have no money left.

''So that's why I decided to live a frugal lifestyle.''

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After doing some quick maths and calculating, she estimated the garbage hunting has easily saved them a whopping $10,000 (£8,000).

From smaller goodies, such as little packets of mayo, to pieces of jewellery, furniture and even trophies, the Tran family members have found it all.

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''Dumpster diving is a lifestyle.''

It's not just the mum who loves to find treasure – her 26-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, enjoys the days out in dumpsters just as much.

''I like saving money. It's a challenge. It's exciting.

''And it's honestly a really fun activity that I get to share with my family.

''Growing up, I was a little bit embarrassed by my parents' frugality.

''A lot of other kids would go back-to-school shopping and get news supplies, new whatever.

''Instead, for my family,, we would just make sure we could save every pencil.

''Now that I've gotten older, I'm really proud of my family.''

But although they may have saved thousands, dumpster diving is not for the faint-hearted – the last time the mum and daughter duo went treasure hunting, Rosanna stepped on a nail.

''But I didn't die, so…''

Now, to avoid any potential injury, the Tran family has come up with a solution – crafty shoe covers.

''We have wood, some metal, aluminium,'' Elizabeth said whilst demonstrating the DIY shoe, with what appeared to be a chunk of wood panel underneath her sole.

''So that way we will be protected. And we have a string in order to keep them secure.''

Sharing their journey, the daughter said that there also have been a couple of instances where they've met other visitors in the garbage – rodents.

To scare them away, they use loud sirens.

''So the dumpster is clear for us.''

But whilst the daughtermay have grown to appreciate her parents' frugal approach to life, viewers seemed to share a slightly different opinion.

''I’d absolutely hate to be the child of any of these people,'' is how someone felt.

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Another comment that has been like by a thousand other people so far read: ''Being frugal is one thing, but being this level of cheap to the point it’s a detriment to your family’s wellbeing and HEALTH, that should be illegal.''

''This is traumatizing to the children, I grew up with crazy frugal parents and I can not tell you how much I ended up resenting my parents to the point of tears,'' a critic joined the conversation.

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