I’m midsize with a big belly – I found the cutest Walmart two-piece & have a secret weapon to make it more flattering | The Sun

MOST customers know it as a go-to resource for groceries, cleaning supplies, and bargain bath and beauty products, but Walmart also offers the latest fashion trends.

One shopper found the perfect crochet outfit at the retailer, and once she got home, she paired it with another item that made it even more flattering.

Style blogger Benina Caviggiola is a size 12, and her fashion content is directed at women with similar midsize body types.

In a recent video, Caviggiola showed her followers a summery two-piece set that's ideal for her body type.

"If you're like me and have a bigger middle section, two-pieces suck," Caviggiola explained at the beginning.

But then she leaned in close to the camera to give viewers the good news.


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"I found the one for you," she said, before conspiratorially whispering, "it's actually from Walmart."

Then, she stepped back, turning side to side to let viewers see her silhouette. The color block, crochet set featured a halter top and midiskirt.

"Excuse me!" Caviggiola said, visibly delighted by the look.

Placing her hands on her midriff, Caviggiola said, "This is the section I'm talking about." She ran her hands across her stomach and waist.

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"Two-pieces stress me out because I always have this bulge," she said. Then, Caviggiola eased the crochet skirt down a few inches.

Underneath, she had her "secret weapon" – Spanx underwear. Caviggiola said they're a must-have for anyone with a larger midsection.

"Girl, they're worth it!" Caviggiola said, insisting the $25 price point for the underwear was a good investment.

She showed the outfit without her "secret weapon" underneath, and there was a discernible difference in her midsection.

"Still cute, but look at it," she said, cradling her belly.

The set is from Walmart's brand Scoop, and while the two-piece Caviggiola bought is sold out, the top is still available for $13 in limited sizes, in a green colorway.

There are lots of affordable summer, fall, and winter clothes available from the brand in Walmart stores and online.

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