I'm a vet & there's seven breeds of dog I'd never own – they're all renowned for certain traits | The Sun

ONCE you've made the decision to get a dog, you're then faced with arguably the trickiest part of the process – what breed to go for.

With hundreds to choose from, it's important to consider everything from their temperament and exercise needs – not just how they look.

While dogs add so much happiness to any human's life, choose one which is hard to train or renowned for bad health issues, and it could cost you both thousands of pounds – along with heartache.

One vet named Maysie Blythe has since gone viral on TikTok for revealing the dog breeds she wouldn't own since being in the profession.

In the clip, she begins by labelling Cocker Spaniels "no warning biters" and Huskies "dramatic."

And while they may be increasingly growing in popularity, she notes how Poodles or "anything Doodle" are "crazy."


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The vet goes on to say how bulldogs are renowned for their bad health, while Australian Shepherds often suffer with anxiety.

Elsewhere, Maysie warns that Basset Hounds are "terrible for toenails" while Chihuahuas are both "temperamental" and "bad potty trainers."

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She captioned the post: "I do have a favourite patient in each breed."

In a second video, Maysie reveals the dog breeds she's 100% own after working as a vet tech and groomer.

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Amongst them include Berners, Whippets and Aussies.

Also on her list of top breeds she'd recommend are Golden Retrievers and Border Collies.

Alongside the post, she wrote: "Some of my favourites."

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