I'm a teacher – people say a particular element of my look is too 'distracting' for the kids but I don't care | The Sun

A TEACHER has delivered the perfect response to critics of her appearance.

She paid no mind to trolls who said her look is distracting for children, explaining that the students don't seem to have a problem with it.

The TikToker, who goes by Mrs. Teacher (@heymissteacher) filmed herself in the classroom for the social media platform.

"You shouldn't wear fun prosthetics when teaching because it could distract your class," read the text over the video, echoing criticisms she's received from haters.

The teacher clearly had one prosthetic eye, making no attempts to hide it.

She also shared that she wears different types of prosthetic eyes to match her personal style and spice up her look.

"It’s funny because some kids love seeing what eye I’m wearing, but after the first week it’s just normal to them.

"I think its easy for people to assume students would be super distracted by my eye, but I’ve never found that to be the case," she said.

The video drew in many viewers who weighed in on the teacher's prosthetic eye.

"I think it helps keep their attention. It’s awesome and fun. Students need to see teachers and adults as relatable humans," one wrote.

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"I had a teacher with a prosthetic eye and he never wore anything fun, I resented him for it," another added.

"It would distract at first, but the kids would get used to it," a third chimed in.

"That's crazy that someone would even have the audacity to say something like that," yet another wrote.

"Instead of 'outfit of the day' it's 'eye of the day,'" one more said.

Others had questions about varying reactions to her prosthetic eye in the workplace.

"Have any administrators ever made a comment on this? I’m definitely curious," one asked.

"Yep, they say how cool my eyes are and that it’s great to be showing students to embrace what makes them unique," the teacher replied.

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