Holly Willoughby apologises to This Morning guest after Craig Doyle chucks lemon across set

This Morning’s Craig Doyle caused ‘carnage’ in the studio as an impromptu game of rugby with a lemon sent Holly Willoughby ducking for cover.

Presenter Craig chucked the fruit across the set during Thursday’s show, 7 September, and after Holly screamed and dived out the way it struck a glass of water off-camera and soaked guest reporter Sonia Sodha.

The presenting duo apologised to Sonia for the blooper – though the guest took it in good spirits, quipping that it had been a ‘refreshing’ pick-me-up in the heat.

The blunder happened as Craig, 52, and Holly, 42, spoke to celebrity chef Jamie Oliver about the upcoming Rugby World Cup – which gets underway in France on Friday.

Craig said: "I know Jamie's into rugby these days." He then proceeded to rugby pass the lemon across the studio to the chef, who caught it.

"And one back," said Jamie, as he returned the fruit to Craig, who caught it nonchalantly with one hand. Craig, beaming from his impressive catching feat, then tossed the lemon to Holly – who unfortunately dived for cover.

A huge crash could be heard off-camera as the lemon knocked over the water. "You've broken the set already!" Jamie joked

Holly added: "Can we get a camera here please – Sonia Sodha's sitting there and you've splashed water all over her. She's actually drenched!"

Sonia was then shown dripping wet and looking for something to dry herself with. Holly quipped: "And that is why I stay away from sport."

Jamie added: "At least she smells nice!" And Craig, who caused the carnage, said: "Sport's fun isn't it – although I do feel sorry about that."

Holly went on: "Yes can we please get a towel for Sonia now?" She then told Jamie: "Thank god you're here to cook and not play rugby."

Later, Craig took a seat on the sofas beside Sonia and said: "There's people bringing in towels. I'm so, so sorry."

Sonia replied: "Well it's so hot today – it was actually incredibly refreshing."

Then, as another guest Nick Ferrari appeared via video-link, Craig joked: "Good morning. It's just been carnage this morning with Holly throwing things."

This Morning has been aiming to get back on track after a tumultuous period following the Phillip Schofield affair scandal. Phillip, 61, left the popular ITV show in May and later admitted to an "unwise but not illegal" fling with a much younger colleague.

The difficult year was reflected in Tuesday’s National Television Awards as This Morning failed to scoop a gong for the first time in 13 years – losing out to BBC's The Repair Shop. The scandal-plagued ITV show was booed by the audience at the prize-giving ceremony and Holly was left ’close to tears’ after failing to win an award.

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